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I design graphics, build websites, and create content. How can I help you?

These are some of my specialties:
  • helping young businesses to achieve a professional image
  • combining design with good grammar
  • writing the text needed to fill out promotional materials
  • carrying consistent branding from printed materials to the web
  • researching to find the right solution for my clients
  • completing update requests quickly
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You need a brand– consistent imagery that helps others recognize your business and remember what it’s all about.  Branding often starts with a logo, and I’d love to get started on a logo for you!

Print Design

Brochures, bags, business cards, banners, billboards– if it can be printed, I can design the file!

Web Design

I’ve built simple, brochure-style websites and complicated, responsive, e-commerce websites. My favorite projects involve WordPress. What can I build for you?


Content Creation

Maybe you need a website, but you don’t have high-quality product images to display. Or maybe you need a brochure, but you’re not sure exactly what the brochure should say. Don’t worry– I’ll use my writing and photography skills to make sure your project comes together smoothly.

“We have loved working with Rebecca and would recommend her to everyone we know!”

The Johnsons

Staff of Life Bakery, Sioux Falls

Recent Blog Posts:

Old Building, Lots of Potential

My husband and I are the kind of people that can see potential. Sometimes too much potential– which leaves us with more projects than we have time. But to be fair, there’s been many times when we’ve seen something with a lot of potential that we haven’t made into our own project.

A year or two ago, we drove past a big commercial building with a for sale sign. We stopped, got out, and looked in all the windows. The gears started turning, the calculator started whirring, and… we got back in the car, knowing that it would be an awesome building for someone else.

I couldn’t be happier with the group that actually bought that building on North Main. They’re turning it into a space for working, thinking, talking, and dreaming. They’re taking a place with a lot of potential and multiplying that potential exponentially. I hope I’ll be spending some time there in the future!

bakery sioux falls creatives


Dreams and Choices

This week I watched eagerly as one of my clients opened her very own retail space. It’s been a dream of hers for a long time.

I also watched another client make the difficult decision to close up shop. For him, running that business had also been a longtime dream.

As I sat in my kitchen this weekend, slowly munching a slice of honey-graham bread and listening to Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I thought a lot about the local economy and my small role in it. I thought about the habits we have, the dreams we strive for, and the choices we make.

A Business Card Upgrade

“Look what I found in the bottom of my bag!” Danielle said, plopping a business card down in front of me. We were both at The Little Things Birth and Baby Expo, minding our booths and making connections. The business card Danielle had found had obviously been a few miles in the bottom of that bag, but what was most notable was how different it was from her current business card, which she set next to it for comparison.

On one business card, the business name was bold and legible; on the other, it was an afterthought. One carried Danielle’s logo and the style of her brand; the other used stock artwork that no longer had anything to do with the products she carries. Guess which one she is proud to hand out? Guess which one I am proud to have designed?

business card upgrade

Down to Earth Boutique’s current business card next to her original business card.

For both Danielle and I, the comparison showed us a symbol of personal growth, business growth, and our commitment to go beyond the generic to create something our customers will use and treasure. And for Down to Earth Boutique, having professional branding is part of being ready to move into a retail space very soon!

Ways I’ve Used My Second Screen

For a long time I made fun of my husband for keeping several extra computer monitors around. He had given away or junked several older computers but he wouldn’t part with the monitors. I thought it was just the little bit of hoarder in him coming to the surface. But when we got settled in our new apartment and got our desks organized, he set up one of the extra monitors for me.

I really like it.

Here are five ways I’ve been using my second screen within the past few weeks:

1. Watching Photoshop tutorials (or any teaching videos) while working in Photoshop (or any design program) on the main screen. Before I had the second screen, I had to switch back and forth between YouTube and Photoshop, or creativeLIVE and Dreamweaver, and I would get behind.

2. Expanding the media pane of Adobe Premiere Pro so that I can see all the clips I’m working with at one time without covering up my other panes.

3. Putting on an episode of “Bob el Constructor” for my daughter while I get some work done on the main screen.

4. Displaying the current version of a website while I work on the new design on my main screen. That way I can compare the two versions easily and make sure that I design a space for all the necessary content.

5. Keeping chords and lyrics visible while I experiment in GarageBand and Adobe Audition.

I’m sure I’ll be finding more ways to use my second screen in the coming weeks– it is a lot handier than I realized it would be. One of the reasons I was hesitant to use it is that I knew the Wacom tablet would need to include both screens within it’s limited drawing space. I thought that this would make pen strokes much less accurate and make it more difficult to predict where the mouse would end up on the screen, but I guess my brain made the adjustment because I hardly noticed a difference. It still seemed intuitive. Maybe for detailed illustration I would unplug the second screen, but so far it hasn’t been a problem.

How have you used a second monitor in your line of work?

Happy Birthday, Business!

A year ago today I sent a quick little message to a family I barely new, congratulating them on starting their own business and asking them if I could help them with any graphic design. They said “Yes!” and my business began.

The “Graphic Design” folder on my computer now contains over 1500 items, including folders of files for over fifteen different businesses or organizations I’ve worked with. About a dozen logos that I designed are in use today, and each of those logos is the result of hours of work and dozens of drafts.

Besides logos, I’ve designed brochures, banners, business cards, greeting cards, profile pictures, posters, flyers, labels, t-shirts, tags, invites, menus, worksheets and wall art. I’ve developed two websites for myself and one for a client. I’ve even done graphics for one temporary tap handle!

What a year of growth and learning it has been– if that was my internship, I can’t wait to start my job!

To follow my work this coming year, go like my business facebook page.

Taking a Break

Over Christmas and New Years, I took a wee bit of a break from design work, but I still made small steps towards growing my business:

–I sent out a New Years letter to friends and family, and I included a poetic, illustrative header I designed.
–I made that file the motivation to quick open my Etsy shop Poem Diem Designs. [Note: my shop is now at]
–I talked with my sister-in-law about ideas for more products that combine my poetry and graphic design, so I’ll be filling out my shop soon.
–At holiday parties, I gave out business cards to people who asked about what I’ve been up to lately.

graphic design sioux falls mckeever design and copywriting business card

my mini-portfolio business card

–I learned more html from my Dad.
–I set New Year’s resolutions including goals for my business.
–I took the time to notice beauty all around me.

Thanks to the time I took to reflect, absorb, and start something new, the time I’ve spent back on the computer these past few days has been particularly productive. Maybe I should make one more New Year’s resolution: remember to take breaks!


Rebecca McKeever

I grew up in Illinois but Sioux Falls is feeling more and more like home. When I'm not designing, I'm usually working on a house project with my husband or chasing our three-year-old down the sidewalk.

“I loved working with Rebecca!”

"…Her ideas and creativity took me in a different direction– a direction that I liked much better! A pleasure to work with and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!" –Sara Hansman of Sister Birth, Vermillion, South Dakota