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I design graphics, build websites, and create content. How can I help you?

These are some of my specialties:
  • helping young businesses to achieve a professional image
  • combining design with good grammar
  • writing the text needed to fill out promotional materials
  • carrying consistent branding from printed materials to the web
  • researching to find the right solution for my clients
  • completing update requests quickly
¡Y además hablo español!


You need a brand– consistent imagery that helps others recognize your business and remember what it’s all about.  Branding often starts with a logo, and I’d love to get started on a logo for you!

Print Design

Brochures, bags, business cards, banners, billboards– if it can be printed, I can design the file!

Web Design

I’ve built simple, brochure-style websites and complicated, responsive, e-commerce websites. My favorite projects involve WordPress. What can I build for you?


Content Creation

Maybe you need a website, but you don’t have high-quality product images to display. Or maybe you need a brochure, but you’re not sure exactly what the brochure should say. Don’t worry– I’ll use my writing and photography skills to make sure your project comes together smoothly.

“We have loved working with Rebecca and would recommend her to everyone we know!”

The Johnsons

Staff of Life Bakery, Sioux Falls

A Business Card Upgrade

“Look what I found in the bottom of my bag!” Danielle said, plopping a business card down in front of me. We were both at The Little Things Birth and Baby Expo, minding our booths and making connections. The business card Danielle had found had obviously been a few miles in the bottom of that bag, but what was most notable was how different it was from her current business card, which she set next to it for comparison.

On one business card, the business name was bold and legible; on the other, it was an afterthought. One carried Danielle’s logo and the style of her brand; the other used stock artwork that no longer had anything to do with the products she carries. Guess which one she is proud to hand out? Guess which one I am proud to have designed?

business card upgrade

Down to Earth Boutique’s current business card next to her original business card.

For both Danielle and I, the comparison showed us a symbol of personal growth, business growth, and our commitment to go beyond the generic to create something our customers will use and treasure. And for Down to Earth Boutique, having professional branding is part of being ready to move into a retail space very soon!

Rebecca McKeever

I grew up in Illinois but Sioux Falls is feeling more and more like home. When I'm not designing, I'm usually working on a house project with my husband or chasing our three-year-old down the sidewalk.

“I loved working with Rebecca!”

"…Her ideas and creativity took me in a different direction– a direction that I liked much better! A pleasure to work with and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!" –Sara Hansman of Sister Birth, Vermillion, South Dakota